Ethical Wedding Dresses

What makes a wedding dress fair trade? Well, for starters, no child labour or forced labour is involved, dressmakers are paid fair wages, working conditions are safe and empowering, the environment is considered and preserved, long-term relationships are established and capacity building is encouraged, cultural heritage is preserved and respectedΒ and lastly, it is sustainable trade, not aid, to help those who need it the most in developing countries.

Here are a few ethical brands that make stunning and ethical wedding dresses.

Celia Grace:Β 

How does Celia Grace give back to the community? They donate school uniforms to Cambodian children in need for every dress sold. Also, they make certain that working conditions for their employees are safe and empowering, and that wages are fair. What’s more, they use natural fiber eco fabrics wherever possible, and many of their dresses are made with handmade, heirloom eco silks that require no electricity and very little water or chemicals to produce. Wow! Talk about wedding dresses doing good πŸ™‚

celia grace lace strapless.jpg
Strapless Lace Dress

Beautiful boho style wedding dresses for a beautiful rustic wedding!

The Shirley Dress


Minna also makes ethical indie-style wedding dresses.

ekaterina dress.jpg
Ekaterina Dress

These dresses are so ethereal.

lavender dress minna.JPG
The Lavender Dress

There are, of course, other eco-conscious fashion designers out there, like Sohad Acouri, Leila Hafzi and Ann Wiberg Bridal Couture.

Do you know of any other eco-conscious wedding designers? Where did you get your wedding dress? Let us know in the comments section, we absolutely love hearing from you πŸ™‚

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