Designer Spotlight: Marais USA


Jane Mule in Blush (vegan)

Why do we love Marais USA?

Well, for one, the mules put forth by co-founders Catherine Chen and Haley Boyd are simple, classy, high-quality, comfortable and chic, all at once, and help pull together an outfit effortlessly. To our delight, their slip-on mules come in a wide array of colours (from cherry red to sky blue and rose pink) and textures, and even include vegan options (more on that below).


It is said that the inspiration for the shoe collections comes from a summer spent in “le Marais”, the latter being an eclectic and historic district in Paris. One thing is for sure, these shoes ooze Parisian oomph!


Though the idea for Marais USA stems from France, the company is based in New York and collections are made in sunny Los Angeles.


I reckon every single pair of these dreamy shoes would look fantastic worn with jeans and a basic white or black t-shirt, or they could be dressed up with a cute summer dress.marais2

Classic Black Mule (vegan)

Wondering what a “vegan shoe” even means? Vegan footwear implies that no innocent animals were harmed in the making of your shoes. This means that no animal products (leather, wool, fur and even some glues) were used. Over time, synthetic leathers have significantly improved, and will likely continue to do so 😉 This is evidenced by Marais USA’s vegan mules – their “vegan leather” is flawless and the untrained eye would never know the difference.


Classic Gold Mule (vegan)

Such beauts! Let us know which ones are your favourite 😉


Blue Jardin Heel

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